User not found or is no longer available!

Hi I buy 2 amazon gift cards from this seller :

but after 1 hours I didn’t get my code when I am trying to view his profil it sad

Not Found User not found or is no longer available!

how I can get my money back its 2X50$

orders id:



that usually means the seller was banned

what?? and can I get my money back I can’t find any option to cancel order

if they are banned gameflip may give you your money back submit a ticket and be patient as they are busy as all hell your problem will be resolved dont panic

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ok if there any gameflip team here can you please refund me

@DarkKnight look on this

@MajorTom @DunnBiscuit

god bless you Ali, I will contact him

its more than 2 days now no answer on support ticket,social media,forum, are these people working or not???

Hello zeus_starix,

We are checking every issue as soon as we can, but the estimated time for it is 24-48h. As U.S.ArmyMP has mentioned, you need to be patient.

I can see that both transactions were canceled. You will receive the funds from the refund into your account approximately 3–10 business days after the date on which the refund was initiated (this time frame all depends on your bank/PayPal and how they handle refunds).

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