Verify and currency change cost. :)

Good evening, I’m very interested in buying so many articles from your site but I have some questions.

  1. It’s normal that despite sending ID, credit card photos, phone contract photos still today to a week from registration I could not add $ 100 to my portfolio (I tried 5 times and I’m all pending with all possible payment methods …)

  2. If I pay by credit card to add for example $ 1000 to my wallet in addition to 3% and $ 0.30 you know if I am credited with a currency exchange fee (are Italian)? if so how much does it cost?

I hope to succeed sooner or later to overcome all verifications and buy from your site.

Thanks for the attention


Hey @JoshuaKeen, the first few verifications may take some days to complete. After they are all completed, your purchases will be cleared more quickly if not be held at all.

About the exchange fees, you need to contact your card company so they can inform you about international fees.

Thank you.

@DunnBiscuit thanks for the answer.

My previous wallet uploads have been made. Only that I have already spent everything: D.
Now I’ve done another 300 but ask me to enter the 4-digit code that appears in the credit card statement within 24 hours. The problem is that my account statement does not appear before 6-7 business days! what should I do.
Are depositions faster with bitcoin?