Please help me ....

I added money to my account and it doesn’t say it’s pending but it’s not in my card that was about 20 hours ago please help and it’s not in my wallet

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they will send soon about verification usually takes 24 hours
not included weekends

@ sir_boop Have you received your funds? If not, could you please provide your Invite code?

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Hello, I would advise you to start a new topic instead of replying to a topic that is not related to what your asking.

You can report the buyer by contacting Support under link below. You can also leave a bad review so that other people who check his profile will also know about it and beware. If he gave you a bad review for that, you can also contact Support and ask them to remove it for you because it is unreasonable.
They will decide whether it is suitable or not for the buyer to get banned.


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