Wait time changed for funds released?


I’ve sold 8 cards on this site prior to the one I sold 3 days ago. All positive feedback and no disputes. First couple cards had a 1 week wait period before I was able to withdraw the funds. After that, it between 3 hours and 1 day.
My 9th card sold just cleared today (after waiting 3 days for rating and transaction complete) and now it says I have to wait 7 days?
Why? This is ridiculous. If I’d have known I’d have to go through the waiting period all over again, I’d have sold elsewhere. I’ll be removing my remaining cards until i figure out what is going.
Please someone let me know what’s going on and why I have a 7day wait time…again.



Can you send me your invite code so I can check it further and give you information?

I think that your account is pretty new, so this wait on receiving your proceeds, but I need to investigatge your account further so I can give you more information.



Your code: G7WSF1
I’ve been a member since 11/14/17. Like I mentioned above, the wait time was down to between 3 hours and 1day.
Thanks for looking into it, I appreciate your time and quick response!
Also, I apologize if my original post came off rude. I’m a bit strapped for cash and was counting on those funds.



I just checked your account and I saw that despite it is somwwhat old (1 year+) your sale history is pretty low.

There is nothing I can do to speed up the process I’m afraid. The more you sell, the more this time will diminish.