WeChat paid successfully, but not in the wallet

i paid 208.36usd .but nothing

What is your Gameflip account Invite Code so we can look into this?

Invite Code T58455

Transaction number :4200000019201710260463503054
Merchant number :P0000072177-5cc907b3dfba4094b676

Thank you! I’ve sent this information to our engineers.

… plz slove it asap…

We found out you sent the WeChat payment but didn’t place an order for Gbux. The engineers are working on refunding you.

an order button can’t be clicked

o .how long i will wait for refund…

i donot receive the refund…yet

hello !

i donot receive the refund.!

hello ?

where is my money?????

Hey, please contact me via PM, and send me your invite code so I can continue to help you further?