Weird warning on a listing

I received this warning this morning on one of my listings

Funny thing is, this listing is my sole listing of the game, i only own 1 copy of it and nothing else, neither was it a spam, nor a scam. Would need some answers as this listing has been up for a month or two, and it is weird that i receive a warning for it out of the blue.

When i check my email “The IP Owner requested to permanently remove and blacklist the IP from Gameflip” what does this mean?

IP probably means intellectual property. Whoever owns the copyright of that game has forbidden Gameflip from having it sold on the website.


Looks like you’re not supposed to sell that game (a pre-release game?), and the game developer/studio has requested Gameflip to take that off.

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thanks for the replies @galacticarm @TheFuBar