gameflip warning

Can someone explain to me what it means?

Only once refresh/repost your listings in 24hrs or you might get a ban

But is it possible to publish the same article several times? If I do it every 24 hours?

Depends if you have multiple different codes/items then yes for every one of them you can repost but if it’s the same no.

It’s confusing

i got that too few months ago.
Try only list the same item only once in every 24h ://
change the listing’s title and take more time between listings :cry:

also guys check this. its confusing too !

im not usin api. maybe i should now cuz my listing routine is like 110-120 listings every 2-3 days.
its so boring to watch the clock the seconds… for every listing. only the finally perfectly workin “copy to draft” help on this (listings with more than 1 picture are now copyable and the pics will not mess up) but nah !.. its boring and feels like a waste of time…
wuhuuu. now im goin back to site and start my routine witch 1 minute waiting between each listing for the 1st f…in time. yeah baby ! :smiley: :sweat_smile: :melting_face: