Suspicious listings

@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit I need help with a ticket (787456) which said I had suspicious listings all the listings that were removed were google play listings of which are allowed on description says card will be sent after purchase on a one day delivery duration of code supply and this is because of many scammers I had to loose a trade to a scammer because my card was on auto delivery and he used my code and lied that my code was already redeemed of which the way he did it I didn’t have evidence asides receipt on dispute so I put them on 1 day and after they purchase I put trades on video recording to avoid scammers and have enough evidences,l just in case. I was told to provide receipts for all my trades but the sad thing is I never knew gameflip requires buyers to always have receipt of gift card items sold after sales because I believed whenever i make sales I’m to dispose anything that has to be with the card from my storage or possession so as for glitches not to occur and that’s what I do on most of the cards I sell on gameflip but I did my best to find the ones I could find and sent. And all my disputes are always handled professionally to customers satisfaction so I do not have issues with my customer. My buyers satisfaction is actually my mission and delight always so I make sure I satisfy all buyers also please note that I am extreme law abiding I make sure I follow all rules so please help me and also tell me the errors I shouldn’t do anymore my profile is 44P837 thank you for your support

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Hello @Khalifaempire,

The support team that requested the receipts from you should be verifying and answering the ticket asap ok.

Also, inside the help center article below, the following information is provided:

Godspeed! :trident:

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