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Hi, I need help.
I am selling giftcard on gameflip and getting a lot of good feedback from customers. But today I received an email from gameflip specifically like this: " We have received reports of highly suspicious listings of gift cards created by you. Those listings have been removed from our marketplace. In order to clarify this situation, please reply to this email and provide the receipts for all the gift cards you are currently trying to sell on Gameflip. "
I want to ask specifically what is the list of suspicious gift cards here? And I’m asked to provide a receipt
Do I have to provide an online receipt or do I have to print and upload it?
If I provide receipts, do I need to provide all receipts for completed orders or just provide a few receipts related to the items I’m selling?
And why was I being reported like that ?

Hello @Mr.BeoStore,

Could you please provide me your invite code so I can take a further look?

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Hi, my invite code: 11HMTU

hi please check help me sir :disappointed:

i need help :frowning:

Hello @Mr.BeoStore ,

Sorry for the wait and thanks for the invite code.

In this case, you were sent a security verification to guarantee that there are no problems with the gift cards you are selling.

This verification is being done throughout the marketplace as a security measure by our Support Team. The Support Team analyses listings and orders, from various sellers, and if something suspicious is found they request further verification to the seller.

So please provide the requested information the Support Team sent through the ticket ok.

God Speed! :trident:

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