I got scammed by gameflip support

I was selling American Eagle promo codes. I never had problems with buyers until now. In few hours 2 persons bought promo codes. One of them that was gift card and wanted refund that I don’t do because she already get the code. Second buyer that day also think that was gift card and I explain that is promo code as it say in title of the listing. Next day she respond saying that code doesn’t work(she used it). Both of buyers opened dispute and support canceled both listing without saying anything to me. I also send proof that code work as I test any code that I sell every day. I feel scammed because my buyers didn’t read what they buying and support told me recently that I need clearly say in description about what I selling what I did. I just want my money. I think this isn’t fair.

Here is how my description looks like:

@DunnBiscuit Strange In normally disputes are be waiting for 7 days at least to response from both sides.

From purchase till now past about 3 day now. And all that was very strange to me. I respond in that way that I send some screenshots as proof that code was working and after that I didn’t get any reply or anything next I done was contact support and they keep copy pasting same massage that I need describe product better.

The dispute was ruled against you probably because promo codes aren’t supposed to be in the gift cards category (or maybe that they’re not allowed to be sold at all).

You can ask support more about it by creating a support ticket. Or leave your profile code here in the thread in case a moderator can help.

@galacticarm It is kinda gift card, it would go in that category. Someone also selling exactly same codes as me so I don’t see reason why don’t. I contact support few times and all they said that I need clearly describe product. But I only don’t understand why they didnt give me respond before canceling transaction.