2 dispute almost same time.

Gameflip for me is still de best platform, I’ve used other platforms and none to me is compared to gameflip, but there are so many dishonest users who creates the bad impression for others about gameflip.
2 users opened a dispute at almost same time after purchasing Australian gift card from my listing, I gave all the description in details about the listing and the region of the cards but yet they both bought the cards and open dispute saying they can not use the cards and want me to refund them, should I do that? They already have the codes, what if I refund them and re upload the codes and someone buys them and complain they are already used codes, who would help me then? I guess no one would listen to my complain by then cause it would be too late, there are honest sellers here who get to be taken advantage of and lose money even if they provide good service for good discounts like myself.
One of the buyers threatened to give me a bad review if I don’t accept the return of the code. They see description and play ignorant hoping I’d fall for it, please help me look into this cause I made the listing clear enough for anyone to see. I even tried to provide an alternative so he can use the card but he said he has no time for that and he already knows about the alternative I tried recommending, which is for him to change country/region but he refused. I feel they both know each other, I may be wrong about that. I looked at his listing and he hasn’t made sales since a year ago and I wondered how he got good ratings. Here are the order id’s : e7fd3f36-e170-45bd-983a-efd8b729bf93
: e7075095-4b15-48d7-8888-0d1e0f46ffc7
I’m also uploading a photo of the listing and please tell me where I went wrong. I will be very unhappy if they get away with it and I try reselling the card and it say already redeemed, is this a sort of way they intend to steal from sellers?

Please help me on this, cause I made the listing and even added it region with the flag just to make sure everyone sees that it is an Australian gift card. I don’t want to have an unjustifiable bad review or loose my money because people were ignorant to purchase from a different region if that is actually true, they already have my codes and I can’t risk reuploding it for sale.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight please I need your help…

This happened a few days ago but I realized I may have been at fault, although the description shows the region also but I didn’t add the country region and it showed none/global, I took the loss and refunded the buyer, I always find a way to help my customers if they have issues, I don’t take advantage on no one and don’t like being taking advantage of. I made it clear even with a flag on the region and he refused to take my recommendation saying he knows about it but has no time for that. Please I’m seeking for justice.
God speed…

This is the second guy.

Hello guys, I want to thank gameflip, I won both disputes. But please if I’d like to know if there’s anything wrong with my listing as people from the States continues to buy AUD gifts cards and then want a refund, I lose money trying to help them. Some are just fraud try to get my codes and give excuses like they didn’t see the description. What else am I supposed to do? Please I need advise as it seems my description or something may be wrong about my listing… @DarkKnight @MajorTom

Some people don’t bother reading the description no matter what you do >.<

I recommend adding something like “CAN ONLY BE REDEEMED BY AUSTRALIAN ACCOUNTS” in capital letters right at the top of your listings. If people still buy it for the wrong region then there’s no helping them :joy:

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Hello @VerifiedSeller,

Sorry for the wait.

I can see that your disputes have already been resolved.

Also, just by looking at your listings I can see that they were filled in right with the correct region :wink:

Hope you have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident:

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