what is that? pls help

Hello guys, i didnt remove my e-mail from profile, but i received that! Can somebody explain me, what is that?

Exacly the same problem. After a few minutes after added email back was removed again.
Using Google E-mail.

Yes dude! Same problem! @DarkKnight @MajorTom @Sparkling_Juice can you guys explain that problem?

same problem


I only help on forums so any Gameflip related internal matters I won’t know about them.

Have you tried using another Email address to see if it works? If it does, then try to revert back to the current Email that you are using to see if it works.
If it doesn’t, then will have to wait for MajorTom/DarkKnight to reply you.

Reference - GF deleted my existing email and keeps asking me to add one
Do submit a ticket to Support regarding it.

I couldn’t add again for an hour because I did not receive the confirmation code to the email address.
After this 1 hours i was added again the same Email adress and since this time it works for now.

Google had some problems so probably by this. When the site was unable to deliver the message on Email. GF site might think by this the Email adrest don’t exist anymore.

So maybe we had unlucky and when site was sending message about new orders in the same time was problem. Message could not get arrive on Email adress so maybe that caused the problem because adres was deleted after some orders.

Hey, ive got same email with skrill system and gameflip. When i am making withdraw, it sending money on linked skrill acc, so here is another problem, i cant withdraw money!

still didnt receive any answer from anyone

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Today the same. Email again deleted 2 times

Hello everyone!

Could you please provide me your invite codes so I can verify if the email is verified on the account?

Sorry for any inconvenience.

God Speed! :trident:

sure @DarkKnight

I asked support about the same. Are they kidding me? Ticked id #641192


I dont know

hey, ask support, they manualy sent me a code and it works now