GF deleted my existing email and keeps asking me to add one

There is a major bug with your website. I received a notice that read: “Email to you has been bouncing or a complaint was received. Add a new email and confirm to re-enable.” sometime yesterday. So today, I went to add an email to my settings, which was emptied for some reason.

After confirming it, and I get a notification that it has been confirmed, I get another exact one that read: “Email address is missing or not yet confirmed for your account. Please add and confirm your email address.”

This repeats with the same two notifications. If I click the first notification, the website will make a copy of that notification and send it to me again. If I click the second notification, it will bring me to my settings with my email emptied again.

Personal code: JT6MTK


Please, open a ticket to the support team here:
Send screenshots of your profile page, this screenshot you sent us here and any other you think it is relavant.

They will be able to help you further.


What is your email provider? Are you using the same email provider for your new email address?

I have never had a problem with this before. I created this account in January 2018. This email problem on GF started sometime on Saturday.

My email provider is myself. Specifically, Namecheap provides me hosting and I create emails based on my domains/websites.

Thanks, I will do that.

Do you have a popular email address that you could use, like one from Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/Yandex? Just making sure that it’s not the custom email that may be having issues.

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May be your mailbox is full, which causes the bounce. Gameflip simply sees the bounce and mark the email address as bounced or unverified.

No, it has absolutely nothing to do with a full mailbox. The problem had to do with GameFlip deleting my email. My profile setting would show the email form field empty. Then after entering another email and GF sending me a notification that my email has been confirmed, GF would delete my email again and the whole cycle repeats itself.

As a side note, my mailbox cannot be full because it’s ‘unlimited’.

Well, it could just be a temporary email bounces then, depending on your email provider.

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