My email has been removed for no reason!!!

So i receive some message that idk what happen no one emailed me that i did something i do.
Can anyone please tell me what i did or what to do?

Yes. I got exactly the same.
Can’t add back the same Email address because not receive verification code.
Something like this was before a lot of time ago and then, the email was deleted even several times.

@MajorTom , @DarkKnight , @DunnBiscuit

This just happen to just now and i didn’t even do anything to them nor break any rules. Do you know why it got deleted?

Maybe it’s a problem on the side Email address if is sending many messages (notifiactions) from GF.
The e-mail is considered as generated to much spam (flood spam) from GF service and is reported and unlinked.

But that doesnt mean that they need to delete my e-mail just because of spam or too many notifcation from GF. I already sent a mail from them even contact one of the stuff here to get solved and help me out.

Before You probably got the same this one message:

Probably You can try change E-mail on other one and later again resend
to the same as before.

Nah this was my first time that i receive this.


I have the same problem. Also payout via BTC isn´t possible anymore. The button for BTC payout is gone. What´s going on I also should change my email address if I try that I didn´t get a veryfication code.

Would be nice if you can fix both problems!

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards

Also it´s not anymore possible to upload new code. The delivery window isn´t showing! Sorry but what is going on with Gameflip? Are you got hacked? Or it is a system error? In all the years on Gameflip never have had an error like this before! Please fix the problem!

Same problems

What’s going on?

I have the same problems.

Same problem here

Profile code is : 9QWRSK
Please help no code is showing up on my email when trying to reverify it

I already added back the same Email. This time I got the verification code. I hope it will not be deleted several times like last time :slight_smile:

Thanks for info


I got also my veryfication code and it seems everything is working like before.

Thanks a lot for fixing the problem!

Best regards

same thing happened to me, tried verifying other emails too and it won’t send the code

Hello everyone!

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Is this still an ongoing issue?

Godspeed! :trident: