I m.not getting emails from gameflip

I tried to verify my acc and it says an verifycation code has been send to your email but i didnt get anyhting still can someone help me what to do?

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Did you try to press " Send The Code Again" ?

yes i did but it … and i tried too to change to give the new email and it doesnt work … help me somehow

Well, did you try to log out and log in again? or maybe use an Gmail account?

i did but it didn t help …

You can’t even see the code? Its like 5 numbers i guess

i didnt even get the email … i added my gmail but it need to be verificated and i clicked verify and it says that i got an email with the code … but on my gmail there is no email or code thats the problem

I understand, did you try any other email?

yes i tried hotmail outlook yahoo gmail everything

Well, you can wait some mins and try it again if this does the same thing I will check it

i m waiting one hour already…

Ah, can you find this mail in your inbox? or somewhere

dude i did not get an email … that is the problem

Yeah i understand, ima check mine if that does the same thing

please then answer here please

I will Dont worry!

You are right, there’s a problem i think they are working on it right now it does the same thing with me.

awww u see
and i really have to buy something

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Yes, its okay you can Verify your phone and try

i did my phone is verfyied but i need the email verification …