What is the problem with the company buyers on Rocket League?

As some of you may have seen on Rocket League Garage, there are 2 main buyers at the moment, ‘Ssrabbit8’ and ‘bmwgiraffe6’, who I assume work for LOLGA or Aoeah. I am one of those who always keeps an eye out if they want an item, but they are really starting to confuse me, especially bmwgiraffe6. After seconds of him posting a trade, I have an item that he is looking for, so I invite him to trade, get in the trade and all that. I show the item he wants, but says ‘nty’ and leaves! I go back to RLG, and it’s posted a minute ago! Anyone know why they do this! (Today I invited him and tried to trade, same thing happened, I checked and the trade had been posted 47 seconds ago).

what does this has to do with gameflip ? open a live chat with aoeah or lolga and ask’em