Where’s my money

Today I tried adding money to my account and it didn’t go threw. My bank has told me I made 375 dollars of purchases but no money is on my account. I need help ASAP @op_JOkEr @DunnBiscuit

Ask moderators @DunnBiscuit or @op_JOkEr for help. Maybe your payment is still pending check the status of your payment on USD Wallet / Add Funds and check the Deposit Transaction. Thats all you can do now.

Post your invite code so the moderators can look up your account. If you added funds there should be a record it at the bottom right of https://gameflip.com/wallet/usd/deposit

It is pending but I tried multiple times so now if it goes threw there will be 350 bucks on there and I don’t want that @Wayz_Shop

4NRNMX is my invite code

IF you got charged on Credit Card for 375$ you will get 350$ on Your GameFlip wallet. Thats the processing fee you need to pay…

I didn’t mean to spend that much. I kept trying to add money but it said it wasn’t working. Now it’s charging me that much @Wayz_Shop

Usually when your Add Funds pending, it means that Gameflip sends you an email (or a notification) informing you what happens and what you need to do.

If you did not receive the email, perhaps it’s because you did not confirm/verify email address with Gameflip. If you suspect that is the reason, log into gameflip.com Menu > Settings and change, update, or resend email confirmation code to confirm your email address.


When trying to check your issue, I saw that your account got permanently suspended due to you asking users to rate before sending the item they bought.

With that said, I’m unable to help you further.