Which is better? Ps4 or Xbox One?

I’ve heard many things about the consoles, but which one is the best?

In my opinion, what makes the console interesting are the games and services available for it.
I like both PS4 and Xbox One, but for now I prefer the Xbox One due the 1st party games they offer, like Forza and Halo. I also prefer the Xbox Live service over PSN, so it was a simple choice for me.

I might head into the PS4 after Uncharted and a new God of War are released.

I am completely unbiased as ive owned both. For the longest I was a major ps4 player, enjoyed the console a ton UNTIL Microsoft stepped up and made the Xbox better. With how they have things set up for windows 10 I forsee Xbox being the superior system in the long run unless sony can think outside the box and transform their console.

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They may already be trying to do that by adding extra space to the PS4 @Whiteowl. But then again, GameStop beat them to the punch…soooooo yea lol

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The way consoles work they’re both the same besides exclusives and GUIs.

Sometimes there’s a port that runs better on one of the two, but they’re consoles so even then the difference is miniscule