Ps4 Vs Xbox Juan

So Sony just announced that the ps4 is going to be 350$ which is the same as the xbox one. How do you guys think the xbox one is going to fair because they are the same price and the ps4 is better hardware wise and if the 14 million xbox one and 24 million ps4 gap is going to increase or decrease.

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I feel like the sales for the PS4 will start to plateau out while the Xbox One will continue to have a slow steady increase. This is due to what you pointed out, there’s already 24 MM PS4 units sold and only 14 MM. This leaves a lot more people in the market that already have a PS4. Tho, there should be that initial spike in sales due to the PS4 price drop.

Yeah that’s a good observation, I think people might get an xbox one since it has a pretty good lineup this year. But the xbox one is doing better than the xbox 360 at this point, so the media makes it seem that xbox is doing horrible.

Exactly! There’s a lot of skepticism revolving around console games and these current gen consoles, but the thing is, at this same exact time from when the XB360 and PS3 were released. XONE and PS4 have sold more units then it’s predecessors. But because mobile games are doing so well and digital games are continuing to grow, the media wants to focus and that.