Why are scammers being supported with their scams?

My forum post regarding this:

Okay I am slowly slowing my faith in this whole thing. I stopped listing Amazon cards on Gameflip after a scammer got away with the sickest scam ever. He just changed his HTML settings to the point that he even forgot a very important detail which exposed him. I wrote every detail of his scam attempt into the dispute so that the admin could ban the user before others get scammed too, but then suddenly did I realize one day that this scammer seriously got the disputed awarded which made it look like there is no admin even looking over the case that it basically gets closed in the favor of either person completely randomly. So before listing any new cards would I like to get a statement from an admin regarding this situation because I got now two new disputes and they are nothing but a big joke but as it looks like am I going to lose those as well. To clear up why I say a big joke, both buyers uploaded a screenshot showing the error message ‘gift card already redeemed’, people who are selling or using amazon giftards know that this error message ONLY comes up if the Giftcard was redeemed in this account where this error message was posted, because IF it would have been redeemed by another account would the error message be called ‘already redeemed by another account’. So I just wonder myself who these scammers can always just get away with it? If they get away with it once they will keep doing it because they earn free money so why does Gameflip not stop them by banning them? So before I ever list a new Amazon giftcard would I first like an admin to join and explain why the previous scammer got the dispute awarded and why I will probably lose to these new scammers as well.

Hello GameflipPro,

I’m sorry to hear about what happened, but I can guarantee you that every case is verified closely and we always analise all the facts before we can make a decision.

Could you please provide me the order number for this case, so I can have a closer look?

God speed!

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