Why can't I filter out steam skins

I understand a lot of people on here are selling steam items but it’s to the point where I can’t browse all that’s available without getting frustrated

We do have filters in place to help focus on the Categories that you do want to look at. Are you using the app or website?

I am on the app and have things I’m following but I can’t browse without having at least two types of skins in the things I’m browsing. I end up missing out on things I’m interested in buying because it’s frustrating to weed through all the skins

Here’s a few things you can do to only browse what you want to:

Firstly you can go to Settings > Browsing and edit each Category to see exactly what sub-categories you want to see within each category.

Secondly, on the home screen of the app, at the top you have each Category icon (Games, Skins, Collectibles, etc.) in which you can select to just browse that particular category and the items within it.

Lastly, if you click on the “View More” at the bottom of the app on the home screen, this will show you everything that’s listed in on the marketplace. If you go this route, you can click the filter icon in the top right corner and filter it to how exactly you’d like to view the listings from Category, Price, Digital & Physical, etc.

Hope this helps!