Hide sold items

Maybe this is already a thing and I just don’t know how to do it, but is there a way to set or toggle settings so I don’t see sold items? Kinda frustrating having to scroll through dozens of sold items before I see one that is available. If there’s already a way I apologize for the question.

If you have updated the app to last version, in order to filter only available items, you have to browse the items and click the icon located at the right top, but this icon doesn’t appear on the home screen page, so you have to either make a search, choose one of the popular games or press ‘explore more’ at the bottom.

Once you’ve clicked the icon, at the bottom you’ll ser Availability’, click On sale And there you go. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure there’s still no way to do this in the android version. I have the latest update and still can’t filter listings like that on my tablet.

Ohh, not sure about Android, I have an iPhone. Maybe that’s the reason he couldn’t find it.

Thanks for asking. As @Shigakure pointed out, you can do the filter on iOS.
We’re working on the necessary changes for Android too (btw, my phone is an Android and I can’t filter :cry:)

im glad I read this because I too am tired of looking at sold items instead of something I can purchase. The filter option is nice but it should be done automatically since I can’t purchase it., so why am I looking at it?

Well, from my view, I kind of like the way I can see all the sold items. Not to say the filter would be a bad idea, but I like seeing the items that are sold because I can kinda guesstimate around that what could also be a good price for the same product that the community would be willing to buy from ya know?

True true. Maybe the should add a feature that when selling and setting a price to let you see what that item recently sold for.

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That…is actually a really good idea @Brandon_Maikits :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news guys! We’ve been paying attention and listening to all of your concerns and I just wanted to let you all know that we have an update coming (hopefully soon if all the tests run ok!) that should get rid of most sold listings. The home screen will also be more dynamic and catered to the users’ interests and browsing history. So stay tuned! :ok_woman:

With the recent update on both iOS and Android, you can “Compare Price” when listing a game. The app will tell you what the same or similar items are being sold for.