Question regarding the "SOLD" on items

I haven’t sold on Gameflip for a while now and just started back up again. I sold a few items and the “SOLD” red banner thing goes away whenever the buyers complete the transaction. But for three of my other items that have been sold and the buyer completed the transaction, it still has the red “SOLD” banner on it. Bug or no?

(I sold 5 listings and 3 of them still have the “SOLD” banner on them when the buyer completed the transaction).

It doesn’t really bother me in a way, I’m just curious as to if it’s a bug or something. Cheers!

Wait nevermind, I just realized something; it’s 'cause of my filter that I have. I have the view thing as view all instead of just “on sale”. My bad.


Not a problem @Donghui!

Glad that your issue/question was solved.

God Speed! :trident:

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