Why I can not use my wallet?

So It doesn’t let me.

I accidentaly used the free subscription unfortunately before time when I wasn’t using gameflip. Now i want to buy it but it doesnt let me

If it is credits from the promo or gameflip, credits cant be used for subscription i guess.(i am not sure)

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About Payment

Subscriptions can be paid with any funds available in your wallet, such as cash from sales, cash from added funds or credits

By the way, me too got the same problem, i wanted to activate the 1$ plan/subscription but cant.(through the credits i got from the promo) Same as the picture @Vladislav_Todorov provided.
Could you please take a look and give us information about this @DunnBiscuit

I need your invite codes to check this.

Please send them via PM.

Thank you.

Sent my invite code regarding that