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I had plan to buy a gift card so i had to add money to Gameflip wallet and then make a purchase. However later i found seller had blocked me when trying to buy gift card so the money got credit back to wallet and not credit card. I would like to have money back to credit card and not the wallet since it was not my mistake.

Can that money be refunded to my credit card now ?

Transaction ID: 23a5b0d9-126a-4411-8886-f4237dd60d38

Profile code: ELT53F

from what u said u did add funds to ur wallet then used that money to buy correct, if that the case then no they will not refund it. as they refund ur card when u use the credit card directly to buy from the seller.
as once fund are add to ur account u can’t refund them or withdraw them.

It gives me no option but to add funds to wallet first and then only i can buy.It does not let me directly buy through credit card and hence there was no option for me


Arun Maheshwari

no u can buy directly with credit card as most people do that nit’s am option i do use it myself, as when u do add fund u do agree there non refundable or allow to withdraw them so u will have to use that money is site buying other stuff

Please see screenshot.It says add funds to wallet and there is no option for credit card payment.


Arun Maheshwari

first go to sittings, add payment then add the card there

Its already added


Arun Maheshwari

then u should ask the support why it’s not letting u buy with it because it’s should let’s you

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