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Hi I would like to ask for some help with my transaction. I tried to add a $25 funds with my Virtual American Express Card and I was asked to verify my identity which I already did and got verified but then I was asked again to send some four pieces of my information which is a photo of my credit card and i find it useless because i can’t take a picture of the back of my virtual card since it is a virtual only. I asked for a refund with the email but it seems that they don’t reply with my msg regarding the refund. Can you please help me? I just want a full refund and cancel my order this is the invite code XMVND5

here is my email

I’m looking forward for your help

Thankyou so much!

I see you’ve already received your refund. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. You’ve been sent a reply to your ticket explaining why the review process was triggered.

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AponeGF, i dont understand why i cant just add fund to my wallet, when i go and do it, it asks me to verrify my identity, but i dont have an ID/Drivers license, so everytime i go and add funds it just kicks back. Please let me know what i can do ASAP.

Steve apone isn’t with GameFlip anymore I believe as this post is a year old but let me tag @MajorTom he can help hes the best. Good luck.

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Hello Steve,

Can you please tell me your invite code?