Way to take money out of GF?

So I recently was scammed, however Gameflip cancelled the trade and gave me back my money. However they gave it back to my gameflip account instead of my Bank/Paypal. Anyway I can just give the money to my Paypal or Bank?

Were the funds originally deposited via paypal/bitcoin or did you get them through selling items on the site?

Funds are always sent back to the original form of payment. However you paid for the item is EXACTLY how you will get it back.

No, I did not get them from selling, they’re from my bank account.

It states that all funds added to the account are final and can not be withdrawn. Only funds earned through selling items can be withdrawn.

Did you use “Add Funds” or outright purchased the item?

If you added funds to your account, then purchased the item, it makes sense that you received back to your cash balance. For your credit card company or Paypal, what you bought on Gameflip was “funds” and not the item you bought.

If your situation is totally different than what I mentioned above, please PM me.
If your situation matches what I mentioned, that’s the expected flow.

Ok thanks guys.