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So basically I just sold some item and the buyer seemed strange and I canceled the order.

My question is: if We trade the specific item and he confirms the trade and completes it and I get the money can he request a refund after time?

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He can open a ticket asking for a refund, but he will need to provide pretty solid evidence that he didn’t get the item desired so we can start any refund process. I saw cases like this but, to be honest, they are pretty rare.

So selling keys and having a video as proof is safe?

@DunnBiscuit what if they refund through paypal?

If they open case against Gameflip on paypal their account is getting suspended immediately. I’v been selling on Gameflip for like year and half and my experience as seller is from rate 1-5, it’s 5+ :slight_smile:

I mean they will get suspended but they would win the chargeback and I would loose the money, right?

No you won’t lose your money,
As Dunn said

Blockquote I saw cases like this but, to be honest, they are pretty rare.

You are completely safe.

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Someone recently charged back on me on ebay not only won the case and stole my money but paypal also charged me 20$ fee. As I know paypal is stupid for stuff like that and I believe the disputer always wins.

Well ebay has it’s own politics and they always protect the buyer… Also chargeback fees are so awful I had such experience on Ebay so I switched to Gameflip. Btw Ebay don’t allow selling digital products. But on Gameflip if you sell something, you are getting money to your Wallet first (Cash from Completed Sale), after that you can choose to withdraw to Bitcoin or Paypal. If you are withdrawing money to Paypal you will see payment from ijji Inc

So that means Gameflip will pay you directly and they won’t fill case against you obviously. Once again it’s safe to start selling here, but fees are a high, and for that you can use Gameflip Pro Club / Ultra depends on your selling activity per month.

I can take the fees for now. I might buy the plans tho. I will see

We have a Zero Chargeback Liability, meaning that “sellers are granted a zero chargeback liability when selling on Gameflip. If a buyer is trying to get an unauthorized refund (chargeback) or avoid paying for a return. Gameflip takes the lead to resolve the issue with the payment providers and sellers can relax and focus on what matters the most, selling.”

I suggest you to read all of our selling FAQs articles, you will find amny answers there:


Here you can find the text I shared with you:

If you have any questions, let me know.

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Thanks. You can lock.

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“By charging back, you are reporting your bank that you have an issue with a purchase, thus you skipped any help from us. Any account that charges back is suspended by our system, and those accounts can only be unsuspended IF the charge backs are cancelled.”

People need to be patient and let Gameflip resolve the issue without trying to take it out of Gameflip hands.
Gameflip will do a good job at looking at the evidence.

Lucy :heart:

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I might sell keys. I always record the trade. But some people just chargeback so they can scam. That is why I asked. But now I know

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How do you private message someone