Why is my funds still Under Review after 2 days?

What more do you guys have to review when i ALREADY have ID verification approved

Hey, can you PM your invite code so I can check what is going on with your account?


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I can’t pm you but here GF5L2H

Hey, I just checked your account and saw that you cancelled the add funds transaction before I could review it :frowning:
If you have any other issue, please let me know.

You can review this one now, i cancelled it because you guys take WAYYY to long to review funds.

The more you cancel your transactions, the longer the reviews will take to complete.

So, don’t cancel it unless it is completly necessary.

OPSkins doesn’t take days just to bring me my funds

When will i get my refund

Refunds take 3-10 business days to complete. If you don’t receive it after that timeframe, please contact us at support@gameflip.com.

Thank you.