Why is not showing withdraw methods.

Hi, I just created an account and I am wondering why I can’t see any withdrawal methods?

Attempt to refresh the website, or close and reopen the app. Tell me if you are still having this problem.

Sign in before you go there, it happens when you signed out of the account, Also make sure your internet speed is good.

Have done that, also my internet is pretty good. I haven’t add the cellphone number, could that be the problem?

Login from incognito or delete your history ( cookies and cache too )

Are you on Phone/Tablet or a computer?

Computer, have also delete the cookies and cache like Wayz advised.

Just to clarify a bit more, I haven’t listed anything yet, I was just trying to see if the payout and stuff are all working before starting to sell.

The fact you haven’t listed anything is not a problem. It may be your browser. Delete and reinstall your browser, or use a new one.

I just created a new account using chrome with an email now instead of a gmail, it has the same problem, both of emails are verified.

Have you used a different browser?

Yes, the first account was created using edge, and the second using chrome.