Why the hell do I need to verify

Why do I need to verify a credit card that I have used in past to make purchases, my wife holds the cards and she is not near me atm. I had $32 on my account then used an card that’s on my account to make up the 17.17 difference now cause of fools that gameflip let’s come on this site and scam people I have to pay by jumping thru hoops just to get a digital code. My damn record Is 200% clean with 43 transactions no bad or neutral all POSITIVE. I’m tired of to stop letting people make new accounts. And it they do give them a period of time until they can purchase or sale stop punishing us. I been here almost two years and in last months I have had THE WORSE problems buying and selling. Can I get help from a mod please

I already answered you asking for some information in another topic. If you keep spamming the Forum I’ll have to mute your account.

Thank you.