Willing to Swap stellar XB1 Account for Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.de

Im selling a stellar account , seller name Timeri Urhegyi, take a look first ( Xbox Account 40+ Top Rated Titles )

Im more than willing to swap this great account for 150£ of Amazon.co.uk giftcards or 240€ of Amazon.de giftcards. as the gift cards likely cost you a LOT less than face value youll be getting an uber bargain.

The account im selling has at least 3,000£ worth of games all bought cash around the same period ONLY by me ( and thanks to a large inheritance ) so i pimped pretty much every game with ALL DLC, because, well i could :slight_smile:

I also have a reciept for EVERY purchase with Microsoft, no dodgy key sites, no dodgy accounts, no dodgy gamesharing, everything is absolutely legit, which in the age of scammers is bloody rare.

Selling accounts is prohibited by Gameflip

You can read more here

Use other service such as playerauctions for this type of sale.

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