Scammer alert (Peppegiggio) - can you ban this guy staff?

This user claims the code I gave him was incorrect:

Funnily enough it took him 20 minutes+ to add a picture of there being an error image saying it’d already been used, gives him more than enough time to switch accounts. I have to deal with calling for 30 mins+ now whenever there’s an issue because GameFlip requires me to help, Microsoft’s system is so bad that they can only help via call, with long queue times this causes such havoc.

I literally spent 45 minutes on Xbox chat and then called them to check everything and they confirmed the time of redemption was the time I sold the code.

Getting screenshots now of the times etc too, just to mention I hope staff ban this user. I’ve sold 200+ items and never received 1 bad feedback, he has 8+.

Invite Code: KKR9BS



I was able to suspend the account not only due to your report but for other things. I cleared the hold from the sale as well.


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Appreciate the response buddy, really good to hear you suspended his account. Any possibility in an early finalization instead of me waiting 2 days, I’m not fussed but just curious if that’s possible. Or does the user have to make amendments himself (in the case as he’s suspended he can’t).

Unfortunately I can’t speed up this process.

As he can’t finish the transaction himself, our system will do it after the 3-day auto rating period completes.


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