Win Games Every Week in Gameflip's Holiday Raffles


Hope everyone has a great Christmas, and good luck to all.


I received the controller today


That skin better have extra stuff other than visual appeal. Cause I would take a game over a dlc skin any day


I agree. Though since I don’t have the game, the choice would have been easy for me. But hey, congratulations to the winner of that contest and good luck to all for the next one!


I am hoping to win Just Cause 3 for Playstation 4. I’ve been trying to win something for a while. Hopefully, I will win.


Hello I was wondering (even though I didn’t win…yet) when you do win how are you notified?

Anyways good luck to everyone and hope I can at least win something


When you win, they email you directly


Yep when you win they will send you an email ( so make sure it is the most accurate!) Also I have won the Rainbow 6 Siege giveaway so im STOKED! i obviously chose the disc lol. I got it for the Xbox One.
congrats to all the winners so far. and good luck to everyone else.
Also my game store name is VincentsGaming


I’m still hoping that I can win a PS4 from here, it’s honestly the only way I’m going to get one for several years really. I mean, I’m still doing the raffle every time they have one, but I just figure that, if it’s something I really don’t want, I can just sell it as New on here and then save the money for a PS4 from the app XD


So has anybody won the two last prizes yet? I know I haven’t since I haven’t gotten an email yet, but how’s everybody else’s luck?


Sorry, just announced them and shot out the emails! With the Holidays it’s been crazy trying to keep up.


good luck everyone! Hoping i win some games!


It’s been a long haul with all the prizes they have been giving out. Merry Christmas to all the winners so far and the upcoming ones too!


Final hours everyone good luck!!!


Good luck to everyone!


I just got a notification for the new raffle, but I had to get my Gameflip code on a different page on my phone, but then I couldn’t get back to the page with the raffle. Does anybody have a link to it yet?


Trying to do the raffle straight from the app is impossible. It’s best to use a browser and keep separate tabs for everything. And I also see the same problem for the link cause I don’t see a forum for it anywhere.


Normally that’s what I do for the contest, but this time they didn’t load one up. I tried to get my brother to log on to his app so that he could send a link to it to me (which would give him a free point at the same time) and the thing wouldn’t let him long in. So now it’s just a waiting game till somebody shares a link, either an admin or a regular person would be nice right about now.


good luck yall
semi useless comment here


Thanks for all of the giveaways over the holidays. Haven’t lucked out yet, but hopeful the big one has my name on it!