Withdrawal pending

good I write Because I made my first withdrawal on June 26, 2022. Today marks 9 days and it still says pending. Could you help me . My code xxr9fr

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Today it is 13 days since I made my withdrawal and it is still pending. @Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight @MajorTom @Tali @DunnBiscuit

Same for me, it’s been 2 months. Good luck! The website might just be a scam. They will have to deal with the consequences if that’s the case.

Have you check the receiving account?

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it depends on which service you using, if its wise, skrill, payooner or bitcoin

wise for example will let it pending for new users as back on my first withdraw attempt, they wanted to charge me money to finish creating my account and some more personal information to idk what. i ignored and i got same error with waiting a entire week and still pending, asked to cancel my withdraw and refund money on gameflip wallet and worked

i was studying network administration and online safety in my university and during the law class where we learn applicable laws for online activity, i asked and he said me its not required to upload this info when creating account on a wallet app

so i quited gameflip for some months for the simply reason i cant withdraw and being aware the money will be there forever until i spend on gameflip purchases or succesfully withdraw

so i tried to sell on ebay and it said the way sellers get paid has been changed and its required to use payooner so i tried to create an account and it said: “thank you for creating account, we are going to take a look on what you sent when trying to create account and your request to receive payments from ebay has been saved. see you on 2 business days”

and then in my inbox there was: “payooner account approved” and “payooner account elegible for payments from ebay”

so i tried the same on gameflip and i got the following emails on inbox
“payooner account elegible for payments from gameflip”
“new bank account added to your payooner account”
“gameflip sent you money on payooner”
“withdraw request to this following bank account”

and then you wait until a business day and get this
“request received, payooner team is aware about your withdraw and money will be sent today”

2-3 hours later
bank notification: yay money from payooner

edit: simple as that on payooner, wise asked me info that i wouldnt have as a unemployed person with no incomes in brazil. i even said to wise: if i even had $20 USD to pay this fee to activate my account, i wouldnt be selling my game stuff to be able to afford something to eat