Would it be possible to get a port of this to the Amazon Appstore?

I know this is asking a lot, but would it be possible for you guys to get this app released on the amazon app store? I’m not a 100% sure what the limitations are, if any, so its possible that I’ve asked an impossible task of you guys. The amazon tablets and fire phone run an os called fire os which is basically a customized android os, so heres hoping you could work with it, though id understand if you dont, Amazon is not exactly a demanding appstore and it may not be worth it to you guys but it’d be nice if you could to us here at the amazon appstore.

Since it’s a variation of Android couldn’t you just sideload?

I did try to sideload it, but there was a parsing error, im not sure if its because the os is behind or not, which is why I wasnt a 100% sure its even possible. Its just I dont have any other device besides the iphone to use the app and i figured it would be easier to work with on my kindle. It’d be preferable to find it on the store, because this is the type of app that im not even sure will properly work sideloaded.

Well I guess the only other thing you could do is install a 4.4+/5.1+ Android system image.

Unless the devs do have a Kindle version on the way.

Sorry, but we don’t have plans to expand to Amazon’s platform right now :pensive: tbh its hard enough keeping up with just iOS and Android haha :sweat_smile: