Wrong Region Purchased by buyer, and he disputed


I listed Fortnite Neo Versa Pack 500, Disputed because he/buyer bought wrong item

These are transaction ids


My profile code : YGL4XR

See he said i am not on PS

THIS ITEM clearly says for PS4

@MajorTom @DunnBiscuit

Please check

@DarkKnight :blush:

Hello Ali_Uwaish,

Since you’ve correctly described the item on the listing, I went ahead and completed the transaction for you.

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I’ve had a few users do this as well saying they purchased the item thinking it was something else, but once I state that it is clearly marked and there is absolutely no way for me to confirm whether or not they used the code they generally complete it, because they’re just trying to scam people imo. Glad they completed it for you.

Thanks team :slight_smile:


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