fortnite codes and blind buyers (part 2)

Hello, Flippers. Can somebody tell me, what i need to do? I sold fortnite code for PS4 in PS4 GAMES topic, BUT my customer THOUGHT it was for XBOX (LOL) and now she/he asking me about cancelation of this transaction! What i need to do, because buyer saw this code and can resell it! @MajorTom @DarkKnight @op_JOkEr , guys, pls tell me

If your post and details shows PS4, do not refund… this is how people scam individuals.

can u show us link for the post sold , as if it states platform psn then no it’s there mistake, as some guy did this once he did buy xbox key then said no i though this is steam and open a dispute but i did win it after that i did check the key and he did redeem it as they try to scamme

@baaziz0yassine sure,

lol, i had same situations, i think its just dumb kids

Probably just trying to scam for the money back. Your post is clearly PS4, his loss not your problem

thank you for your opinion, bud

another ‘‘blind buyer’’ he thinked it was for USA AND OPENED DISPUTE, I mesaged everywhere “for eu only”, but it wont stop them, ill leave link

@MajorTom @DarkKnight can you help me, guys?

look on this, please:D
you was right:D

u make ur dispute pet all the info to the support team and they will always side with u if it’s buyers mistakes as i do sell regional keys only when when some idiot’s don’t read the region bf it’s his fault not mine

you goddamn right