Need help. Received poor feedback without a reason.

I am a seller. Buyer purchased PS4 Neo Versa code with clearly seen on picture PS4 image of a code.
He told me he had xbox and he can’t activate it for some reason, i informed him that it is ps4 exclusive code. He said that he wants me to replace it by xbox one. I told him that i don’t have xbox one nor it even exists. And the one he bought can only be applied to a psn account. He confirmed transaction and gave me poor feedback with a comment that i have bad service.

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i got suggested to tag you guys @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight and i hope it’s fine if i do so

Hello @genuineskadi,

I can see that the rating was already removed for you :wink:

Also, I suggest that you add the platform on your listings as well, so there is no mistake next time.

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Would description like that be fine for my listings?

"ATTENTION: This key does not work outside Europe!

Fortnite PS4 Neo Versa Pack Digital Key (Can only be activated on PS4)

  • Epic Neo Versa Outfit
  • Epic Neo Phrenzy Back Bling
  • 500 V-Bucks"
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Awesome description @genuineskadi!

I like it :wink:

Have a wonderful day!

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It does not help me and i still get disputes… like 2 pending now because people from US still buy and complain… Is there anything i should do? I recorded a video, since they were saying code doesn’t work on which i proved that it can be activated in region it belongs to without damaging/activating code. Would that video which i sent to Dispute support help me win the dispute? If it’s clear that buyers bought wrong region, since it’s literally capsed out that it’s for eu

do what i do as most my key are region locked we stop with auto delivery and as someone buy we send them massage to ask if they did read the region lock so if someone didn’t we do cancel the post as key is not sent as some people never read somehow

I mean i’ve got many codes and i don’t have time to actually sit there and deliver them 1 by 1. Good suggestion, but if you sell like 10 codes per day and free most of the time.

we sells like 20-10 day but i can’t lie no matter what we did dumb people still buying then saying the region is not same or the platform. but even now we still got that one idiot 1/100 who we ask him if he read it and he says he just send the complain later. as best u can do is pet region and if there dumb enough it’s there mistake not urs

i’m curious if disputes will go smooth in my favor, or how actually

the funniest part is person who bought eu code when he is not from eu and now complaining in dispute has donkey from shrek as his avatar

dude i know gameflip will always side with u as u did ur part as it’s there fault the problem is the time dispute takes

oh, thanks for letting me know that, i don’t really mind time it takes as long as i am right and gameflip understands it…

I got a notification saying that sale was cancelled by Gameflip. I don’t know if i received funds for the product i sold. Nor i can see the code which was delivered anymore. But i guess gameflip just cancelled the sale and didn’t give me funds for properly working product with proper description, wow. That’s some cool stuff lol

Hello @genuineskadi,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Could you please provide me the order number, so I could take a look?

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Hello @genuineskadi,

Sorry once again for the inconvenience this has caused.

We have compensated you for this sale and we are verifying with the Support Team to understand why this category is not allowing seller’s to set the region restriction.

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i am sorry, can you check my poor review too? Buyer left it after when i won dispute!
order id: 469b3804-a169-43ff-80c5-63aabe8cdbc4
code: PXFNPM

Hello @little_dog,

Sure, will check it out for you :wink:

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thank you for your response!