Wrong solved disputes

Hello. I have two disputes solved in wrong way.
Order ID ec88f1e0-1c76-451b-8e1a-46ac9822a4d6
Order ID fecbedc3-2ae7-42e7-9ec7-8e9f0dc2b8b3

I lost money and codes…
Two buyer bought stacks of codes without reading description and opened dispute. Description was clear. In dispute chat I provided all proofs from my side, answers from Microsoft team. And now I have to canceled transaction. Inattentive buyers got their money and also codes.

I wrote few tickets to support team for explanation, I wrote to support chat, I wrote in PM to moderators. And nothing… I did not get any reply, any help, any explanation. I also have a Pro Club subscription which includes VIP seller support. And what? I was ignored.

I just received answer from support team.

I did not escalate dispute…buyer escalated it. This answer has not any information I asked. There is not any information where I was wrong. There is not any explanation!

what did the buyer even open the dispute what was on post that didn’t read, this is way im my store i made everything 1 day delivery to confirm region with all buyers and platform as some people never read to avoid dispute at all and so far i’ve been good for months