Wrongfully suspended. NEED HELP!!!

So i was using gameflip and after a couple transactions in and nothing but great reviews i was suspended out of no where. My profile username is Weed420 i’m not too sure how to get the invite code as it won’t let me log in at all. I was hoping for some help from
op_JOkEr I heard he was really great help in these situations.

Private message either moderator https://forum.gameflip.com/u/dunnbiscuit https://forum.gameflip.com/u/op_joker your situation. If you can’t get your invite code, you can message them the phone number you used to register on Gameflip.

How do you private message? I go under his profile but i don’t see how to do it.

If you don’t see that button then it’s locked out (to prevent spam). Just browse this forum for about 10 minutes, reading topics, and the forum will unlock that private message feature for you.