1 bitcoin adress in 2 accounts.

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I have question. My brother wants to register gameflip and sell some stuff. He don’t have bitcoin account and he want to use my bitcoin adress. Is it allowed that using 1 bitcoin adress in 2 different account ?

Bitcoin wallet is not a hard thing to create actually.
Don’t risk it

Probably not allowed

even on 1 wallet you can have more than 1 address - that should not be a problem.

Its maybe not smart to link the same thing to 2 different accounts. It may trigger the system into banning both thinking you’re trying to manipulator system.

To be able to withdraw your Cash Balance to Bitcoin, you’ll first need to apply through Gameflip and be approved. Once approved, you’ll be able to request a withdraw to Bitcoin. To apply for the ability to withdraw your Cash Balance to Bitcoin, follow the steps outlined below.

Application and Approval process

In order to apply for Bitcoin payout, you will first need to have at least sold 20 items on the Gameflip marketplace.

When applying for Bitcoin payout, you will need to verify your identity. We’ll ask you to provide us with some personal information and supporting documents, according to AML/KYC Policy to prevent fraud causes.

Being you’re going to have to get Gameflip to approved 2 different accounts having the same Bitcoin link and I dont think they aloud 2 different Gameflip accounts having the same cash out or payment options.

Plus you going to have to verify both accounts with the same information and it “may” trigger a flag on both accounts.

I maybe wrong @DunnBiscuit and @Tali could give you a 100% answer once they get on.

I wouldn’t try linking both accounts with the same bitcoin into one of these people give you a green light

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Maybe if you have 2 different bitcoin address (that are not on any other Gameflip account other then your) it would be okay: but having 1 bitcoin address on 2 different Gameflip accounts may not be aloud being you could use that to fraud the system.

Gameflip is good at finding people using muti account to cheat the system and linking 2 of the same things on 2 different accounts maybe cause a flag in there system.

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Gameflip is allow making multi-account, just they ban people if they cheat system for getting promotions etc.

And many bitcoin wallets allow making even more than 2 bitcoin address and getting paid to the same wallet. This option is good if you wanna to know who send you bitcoin etc.


My apologies seen like you can have 2 different accounts. I found out after looking into it more. I dont see why someone would need 2 or more accounts.

I never used bitcoin before so maybe you can have it link to 2 different accounts.

Being I seen a moderator say its okay to have multi account as long as the phone number is different and you dont try cheating the system.

I can see 1 account having multi bitcoin address and kinda of understand why they would have it but I dont understand why someone would need the same bitcoin address on 2 different accounts when people saying its easy to make them.

Like I said I’m still new to underatand things about bitcoin and never used them myself

I still think it would be smart for @falm to get a answer from @DunnBiscuit so they can be sure everything will be okay if they link it to both account.

Thank you for teaching me something new :kissing_heart:
I still got alot to learn it seen like :disappointed: lol but I will learn it.

Lucy :heart:

having more than 1 account is sometimes good for big sellers.

Maybe to have connected other steam account for other skins (more space)

There are some big sellers who have many account, on one they sell gift cards, on other games and on other game items. Is better to work like this. For a buyer i think is non sens to make more than 1 account, but this also allow to have more account on 1 pc if 1 is for brother etc. Gameflip wont ban for this as long no one cheat the system.

I have myself 2 account but i use only 1. I made other one because i had in plan to sell games. I never cheated system to get any extra bonus.

Also, gameflip allow add more than 1 bitcoin address to. I have 2 connected to 2 different wallets.

Thanks for your answers. We will open a new bitcoin wallet for my brother :heart:

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I don’t see a problem using the same Bitcoin account for two Gameflip accounts. But you guys will need to be approved for BTC withdrawals on both accounts.

In my opinion, I’d create a second account for a better control of the money you guys will withdraw.


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