200 USD just disappeared without notification (looking for help)

Dear Admins,

I have following question/issue. I payout the other day my entire balance so I had only 10 USD left but had some confirmed transactions shortly after the payout which brought my balance back to around 200 USD, but out of nowhere did it disappear and I had after another confirmation for a 40 USD game only like 50 USD left. I mean I didn’t get any notification or message and if I would not have cashed out before I would maybe have not even realized it. So it’s just a little bit concerning to me that something like this can even happen without notification for the reason. So it would be great if a moderator or team member could look into it asap, thanks a lot.

Post your invite code so the mods can help you out.

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Hey guys please help me out with my account. It got suspended about a week ago because Gameflip claims I created fraud on my account. This is my tag #HA3GHV
I have a great score and been with Gameflip for many years with no issues ever!!! Plus I was also a blogger helping others in need on Gameflip!!! I never received goods without paying ever! I don’t want to lose the little money I had plus my rating all on some mistake Gameflip thinks I did!
Please help me out. I’m a father and I just buy stuff and sell stuff on here for my child since they are not old enough to do so. Give me another chance! I’m telling you the truth here guys. I’m an honest buyer and sell my used stuff. That’s it! I don’t scam you or anyone for that matter! Thanks for you support in all this.

Please dont spam with the same topic on multiple post

It wouldn’t be safe to post your email like that.

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Hello, please contact our support team here so they can check it further for you:


Send all information you have to them so they can check it and give you a proper answer. thanks!