2nd account allowed?

Is it allowed to have a 2nd account if the first one is fully verified? Just to have 1 store selling a specific type of items and then other items in the 2nd one to not make things messy.

As long as none of your accounts are suspended/banned, Im pretty sure youre good to have multiple accounts.

Yes you are allowed.

Just remember, if one account will be banned - all others as well will get.

just don’t buy stuff from yourself using multiple accounts to get the sell/buy bonuses

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Thanks for the replies, no not at all but how does it work in terms of the limits etc. do you get it then twice? Do you need to do all verification again?

yes you need. Also you can use 1 paypal account on 1 gameflip account - you will not able to use same account on others.

But yes, you have to do verification again.

What about BTC, can I use two different ones and then get the 3,500 weekly limit for both of them?

BTC wallets mostly allow you to use different address to 1 wallet. So i think you can use different adress for same wallet on second gameflip account. Try it and should be fine.

Any admin who can confirm this? Also what about verification same KYC again needed?

Hello GameflipPro](https://forum.gameflip.com/u/GameflipPro),

Yes you are allowed to have a second account and in this case, you would start from scratch and have individual limits for each of them.

Also, you would need to verify everything again.

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Thanks for the reply so just to make sure, that would mean there would 100% be no chance to get in trouble for creating a 2nd account? Not that 1 day an admin bans the accounts because of that. Also is it allowed to have them both from the same IP?

You can use both account normally, you can trust DarkKnight

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You can use two or even more account

You can use same IP

You can use same PC

You can use same documents to get verified

You CAN’T use same paypal or steam account (but here u have nothing to worry, because it wouldnt it allow you to even add, you dont risk ban)

You CANT buy from 1 to your other account items to move money or exploit promotions.

You can sell on all your accounts, use subscriptions etc.