Same person- 2 acc`s

Hello guys, i found that 1 seller has 2 accs, he created second when support banned him. And i have question, is this against the rules? Here is some proofs. Nesquik- first acc(was banned). Wiki- second.

Hello @little_dog,

I am certain that it is not prohibited to have 2 accounts. Both have to be separately verified and you cannot use another account to increase your purchases/feedback.

If it was shown that they are used by the same owner, both accounts would be banned if one was doing something against the guidelines.

I could be wrong on this, but people have asked this question before and it has never been a problem.

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Hello @Aeralo, i just messaged to majortom about this, because “wiki” profile was created when “nesquiks” profile was banned, as you can see-its same person. I had feeling bout this, coz these profiles got the same order of arrangement of his transactions and same prices

If one is currently banned/suspended while he has another account selling, it is agaisnt rules.
If neither one of them are banned/suspended currently, having 2 accounts is allowed.

Yes, that’s good.

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But if he was selling on second acc while first was banned. Now- both unbanned

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Will have to wait for MajorTom to reply you on that as that needs to be checked. It would be best to report it asap next time if you see another seller doing it.

lol, if i havent any evidences bout it, why i need to report somebody? I have evidences now- so reporting now

Please do not misunderstand. It means that you know that the seller is doing something agaisnt rules which is when you will have evidence.

well, i have messaged him about that, coz he keeps spaming like before his ban. Ill translate what he had told. Google translate cant do it normaly. But i think you will understand. That is clear harasment
@Sparkling_Juice @Aeralo

Hello @little_dog,

I have verified this user and it seems that the alt account was already created when the ban was received, so in this case there is no problem.

Now regarding the messages that you received from this user, do you still have the link to the listing?

God Speed! :trident:

Hello @DarkKnight, here is the link, but he had removed that listning already and what if he doing same listnings on 2 accs?

Hey, @DarkKnight
was it link helpful?

Hey @little_dog,

Thanks for the evidence!

I have sent a warning to the user regarding the inappropriate messages on the listing ok.

Have an awesome day.

God Speed! :trident:

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Hello @DarkKnight, thank you for your reply, its second or third warning what he received by my report.

Thanks for informing me @little_dog.

If this happens again, please contact me so I can take further measures ok?

Have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident:

Hello @DarkKnight, i am always making posts here if i see something

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