No response from Gameflip. Account suspended with legit credits.

I know I made an accident by buying from a primary account to a secondary. I get it. However i did not mark the item as sent or something because I had no idea I did it! I still get why my account got suspended. But why are you keeping my $22? Thats theft! All the transactions I did are legit you can go deep and check the buyers. I just want my $22 deposited in my paypal.
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You didn’t just make one mistake. You aren’t allowed to have two accounts so that’s reason enough for a ban. Then you ‘accidentally’ bought your own listing. It just seems like credit abuse or feedback padding. There’s no need for legitimate users to have two accounts so you see why it all seems very sketchy and like you deserve the permanent ban.

I told them about the so called, “accident” as you say, and when they answered they said what was the reason I got suspended (the purchase from one account to another, not having 2 accounts.) I explained that I had one account to list small items and the other for big ones. And about the boosting, there is no point on boosting my rating since I had close to 400 transactions in one and the secondary with 216.

Does it really matter which reason they choose? You broke several rules all which are worthy of an account ban. I have over 12k transactions and have as many items listed right now as you do transactions. During all that I never found any legitimate reason to have 2 accounts. Usually I see it to take advantage of the free $1-2 credits and promotions they offer from time to time. I’m still not understand how the accident could happen either. You can see the seller picture right under the item and above the details.

When users like steam pumpkin are hitting millions in sales they aren’t banning you to steal your $22. They are banning you to protect their platform and keep it a safe place.

And so I take the ban. I get it. I know no one is going to believe the it was an accident thing so why go further. Never had a negative review, plus I did giveaways when I use to hit the 100 mark. Idk how much more toxic I can be to the rocket league switch Game-flip. All I want is the $22 I got from my sells with investment I did.

See, the problem is that this wont happen. Why do you think you have to add funds to buy games, instead of just straight up buying keys with paypal? You don’t transfer your money here. Instead you buy Gameflip-only USD. It’s not real money anymore and it doesnt belong to you anymore, because you traded real money for gameflip money.
Thus they have the right to delete your account and keep their money, when you break their rules. While registering here you had to agree to the Terms of Service (impossible to get an account without that), and because of that you dont have the right to complain anymore. Sorry, but that money is gone for breaking the rules.