5% off maximum of $5

Got this from watching videos, it expires 12/31/20

Hope it helps some of you guys out!

Tell me in the comments if it worked for you!

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ya i didn not use it.just checked and ya it is workin
so for 10 usd purcase u get 0.50 usd off,…
and 5 usd off for 100 usd…
and 5 usd is max off as said…
all worked for m when i checked

and what do u mean by watching videos??i m confused?

Go to your wallet and there should be a tab labeled video rewards at least on the app there is. then for every video you get flp money or a coupon

this one is 10% OFF, up to $5 - expires dec. 31, 2020


u mean even1 video can get me code/?

Those 2 codes are the only ones that are given. So if you watch today you’ll only get those. What about if you watch tomorrow? Same! The day after tomorrow? The same codes! It has been like that for months and people even posted here in the foruns asking for them to add more codes, but they won’t do it for now.

Here are them again, in case anyone missed: use code WBTXJDG9 for 5% off. Use code FCF5WLXX for 10% off.

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can u please tell me what is the limit of how many videos u can watch each day approx

it depends on your country, but you will only get these 2 codes over and over again, those are the only ones.

It says i have used both codes… like 1 month go. thats odd… i guess its older code or something

Says I used these codes months ago. I didn’t.

It’s broken.

Yeah they’re both very old codes

Nice, thx.

It’s working, thanks a bunch