A list of prohibited popular items

Hi there.

I’d like to start a list of prohibited items which may be popular elsewhere, so sellers are aware of prohibited items before unknowingly listing them. I understand it is stated in the ToS and guidelines, however I thought for more niche or individual items which are prohibited, or may be within a grey area of the guidelines but is prohibited, can be posted here. I will continuously update this thread as more items (from users) are added / known.

A list of known prohibited popular items
  • Fortnite Bhangra Boogie Emote
  • Dead Matter Keys (IT IS A CLOSED ALPHA)
  • Fortnite V-Bucks
  • Random Bundles (I.E “2 x RANDOM PREMIUM STEAM KEYS”)

If you have any known prohibited items which you know are popular and seem to be posted a lot, please leave them in a post and I’ll add them!

Here is

Thanks - as stated in my original post, I know about the ToS and guidelines. I wanted to make a post of prohibited items which may be popular amongst the community / marketplace which people may not be aware of. Hence, the list.

bhangra boogie is now available for free now it stopped today