Is this a prohibited item or not?

Is the bhangra boogie emote prohibited or not? i got a warning about it
From what i noticed it seems to be from transactions that are going under review
The item seemed to get relisted automatically too
Is it just the buyer failing to pass the review and the seller getting the same notify as the buyer? if so thats a bug which needs fixing.

I dont see why the item is prohibited , ive sold pretty much every other fortnite exclusive just fine

It is prohibited because codes are stealed from phones from local stores.

and how did you come to that conclusion? this exclusive isn’t just for $1000+ devices , it’s for devices that you can pickup for literally super cheap ($50 +/-) in beaten up condition just to get the code from it then resell the device

why did my listings get relisted?

Unfortunately it is prohibited. Code is for personal using and not for sell or resell.

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Hello @Bert,

As you have said,

Which means that anyone can get this, technically for free if you own an eligible phone, and that means you are selling a free item/code for money, which is not allowed.

minty codes weren’t a issue months ago when you got them free for buying something from gamestop etc , so whats the difference here?

not everyone wants to go out and buy a phone to get it

Hello @Bert,

I understand that people do not want to buy the phone for it, but it is free since people already have the phone.

Same thing was for Counterattack and everyone got at least one warning, especially when it started. We will be updated soon if item is prohibited or not.

@DarkKnight ?

Hello everyone,

Yes, the Bhangra Boogie Emote is forbidden to sell on the Gameflip marketplace since it is a free promotional offer by OnePlus and only to be redeemed by owners of specific OnePlus devices.

So we are handing out warnings at first, but if we see that this item is still being sold, further measures will be taken.

Also, here is an explanation on the OnePlus website as to who is eligible to redeem the code.

God Speed! :trident:

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Thanks for the reply DarkKnight
However this reply has really confused me , there was never a issue with Honor Guard or Wonder which was also the same sort of promotion but for huawei phones ,and also glow from samsung phones was never a issue
why has it only just started becoming a issue? it doesn’t make sense

Hello @Bert,

These skins were also forbidden on the Gameflip marketplace. We were also sending out warnings and banning sellers for selling these skins. Various sellers were requesting login information in order to redeem the skins on the buyer’s account.

So do not say that they were never an issue. We were working very hard to try and remove all of the listings for these skins.

God Speed! :trident:

Hi! Sorry, not sure how to make a new post so I Will piggy back on here with my question is that’s okay.

I’m trying to buy an iTunes gift card and the seller is asking me for my discord/Facebook/WhatsApp info. I’ve bought before and have never been asked to provide this.

Is this allowed?


Not a problem at all and welcome to the Gameflip forum!

That is not allowed at all, since the are trying to conduct the sale outside of Gameflip.

Could you please provide me the order ID?

God Speed! :trident:

I never got warnings for any of them and sold hundreds in the past. None of them required login info , they were either codes or gifted.
Sold most exclusive skins on here no problem
I’m going to be hesitant about stocking on new exclusives from now on because i don’t know what is allowed and what isn’t allowed here
Pretty unfortunate

In this case, keep in mind that free promotional codes are not allowed to be sold and gifting is also not allowed, since you need to wait a certain time in order to be able to gift the skin to a user.

Also, rules for certain items in the marketplace are changed overtime, if we see there are issues. We will always advise the seller in some way, so they are aware that the item is not allowed to be sold anymore.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

God Speed! :trident:

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There are still people selling Bhangra Boogie Emote on

Like this guy

Hello @disco,

As @DarkKnight said,

If you see a seller listing and selling something that is prohibited, report them and open a ticket with Gameflip Support, providing as much detail as possible.

If they are still doing it, Gameflip will take the necessary actions.


I think it should’nt be

Hi DarkKnight!

Here’s the order ID: 9cb0ea1c-ea0e-4a11-933b-d15b2fb21d0e

I took a ss of the comversation as well if you need it. He canceled the order when I refused to give him my info.