Really rude seller also a scammer

He called me a retard and told me to comfirm and he’ll give the code afterwards. Please take action

Hello @bang_blurz,

Sellers that ask you to confirm the delivery before giving the code is most likely a scam, also prohibited.

I saw that the seller only has 1 buyer feedback viewable, and it could be a fake account.

This is from @DarkKnight,

Take a look at this post in the forum.

If you have not already, contact Gameflip Support at

Moderators on here such as @DarkKnight and @MajorTom can help you too.

Hope this helps!

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Hello bang_blurz,

This is totally forbidden on Gameflip. Can you send me the link to the seller’s profile?

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Hey @MajorTom!

I see that this is not my space to dive into, but here is the profile for the seller:

Hopefully this should make it easier!

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Thank you @Aeralo!

After further checking it, the seller was permanently banned from our marketplace